Thursday, April 14, 2005

Knees Up

I'm in reasonably good spirits at the moment. The reason for this is my knee. Up until about a year ago I used to do a fair bit of running. Not competitively, not involving buying 'gear' or ever talking to people about it or anything, but just a fair amount of soft-core leisure running. I wasn't a particularly able runner (built for speed, see?) but I'd do about 4k about 4 or 5 times a week, and be thoroughly sweaty and puffing afterwards. But it kept the belly off and the jowls tight. But then, about last February I was running along and a sharp pain struck behind my knee cap and then the whole joint locked up. As soon as it came and I'd stopped running it went, but reappeared as soon as I started up again. I laid off the running for two weeks, and then gave it another go and after about 5mins/1k it struck again. I repeated this cycle of lay-off and relapse for about 3 months before deciding in May of last year that my running days were behind me. I'd meant to get it sorted by a doctor, but with finals and a thesis to do it was low on my list of priorities - and besides, both my mum and best mate have had completely unsuccessful knee-ops which has made me very dubious about the science of knee medicine.

But anyway, last week I decided to try out my knee briefly on the runner at the Gym as I do every month or so now: and found I was still going after 10 mins, more than double what I can usually manage. I've now done a couple of 5ks this week, both times stopping due to a poor level of fitness rather than knee knack. I'm slightly bemused as to how or why my knee has seemingly managed to fix itself, and secretly worried this is just leading up to a hideously painful collapse and crippling gruesome knee rupture or something.

Elsewhere, I stumbled across this piece of Hank Marvin inspired gloriousness today. God, discoveries like this makes me sometimes wish I was around in the 70s: some of the stuff just seems so shamelessly budget.

OK, Celeb Spot. I was in the lift at Tufnell Park Tube on Tuesday, examining the retards who make up the audience of the Queen The Musical advert* and having a chuckle, when I turned to glance at my sole lift companion and realised it was Fast Show-er Charlie Higson. The surprise almost made me say "Oooh, hello sir!", but I stopped myself

* There's a not-as-good version of the ad here. It really does look like some sort of special outing for the terminally sad - It truly makes me wonder about what sort of people the minds behind this ad are trying to attract. My favourite is the chubby moustachioed nerd in the bottom right, fist punching the air in a paroxysm of ecstasy. I'd say there's a 80/20 split between those who look to be truly having the time of their empty existences, and those for who the show has been something of an epiphany and have a "I've wasted my life" glaze upon their resigned faces.

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Anonymous said...

YES! The morbid woman in between 'Freddy's' legs in the other version. Sublime!