Friday, April 22, 2005

Cumin hme 4a fu wks

Things are a bit fraught with Housemate Reggae and his girlfriend at the moment, and this is having a knock-on effect on me. See, Housemate Reggae is one of those tiresome types who becomes completely devoted to the current squeeze, to the extent that even if you live with one of those types you won’t see them for days on end. And when they are about, they’re always on the phone, and when they’re not on the phone you’ll be having a conversation with them, only to turn round to find them engrossed in texting. And so with his disagreement with his lady, I have become Housemate Reggae’s surrogate text target, and I feel as though I am being bombarded. Normally, Housemate Reggae’ll text me about once a week, usually to arrange meeting him somewhere. But currently I’m getting about 2 a day. My actual problem with this though is that Housemate Reggae also has an overly casual texting style which is at odds at mine and not strictly to my taste. Now, whilst I try and keep my texting style fairly, how shall we say, ‘professional’ - abbreviating only the obvious or longer words - Housemate Reggae seems to shorten at will and misspell deliberately.

Thus I might get such a message:

“Yo Hmun, hws u? So brd @wrk wht U dun?”


“rly knkrd, cnt B arsd wit wrkn 2dy!!! Dun NE fink ths Rftanun, Prly CU l8r”

I don’t really know what I’m supposed to say to these. It’s not just the difficulty I have deciphering them that irks me, but the obvious link between their commencement and his lady troubles and as a result I can only reason that Housemate Reggae normally wouldn't really care wht I wuz dun on a Wednesday lunchtime and therefore it makes me wonder if he really cares now. I am sure as soon as he smoothes things over with her they’ll cease to come, and annoyingly that annoys me too!

Celeb Spot! Drunken newsreader/hypocrite Alaister Stewart padding through Waterloo on Tuesday evening, wearing a mackintosh and squinting with a small cigarette butt in the corner of his mouth.

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