Monday, March 07, 2005


I went to the Toppers in Camden today. It’s a ‘budget’ barbers, where the hairdressers’ grip of English is usually pretty lax and you have to try and describe/mime what you want done whilst they stare into the mid-distance of the mirror with glazed eyes, chewing gum and saying “yar yar”. But it’s dirt cheap. So, I thought I’d established with this guy that I didn’t want too much off the top, and then proceeded to watch as he hacked away for all he was worth: it’s pretty short now. Naturally I didn’t complain. I knew I should maybe be concerned when he was using two hands to hold the clippers – it looked like a man wrestling a snake.

Elsewhere, this off of the B3ta boards made me smile:
Catchag - "I love the UK police soap The Bill: but when they introduced a new WPC, Honey Harmon, I was so disgusted with her lack of acting ability that I emailed the producers to ask who she had shagged to get the role. No response. Then about a couple of months later there was a panning shot across the office taking in the white boards in the background: There was my name in big black letters with a ring around it in for a child sexual assault case! The bastards!"

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