Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Verbal Abuse

A celeb spot of slightly higher calibre than last time: I was coming out of my Gym on Camden’s Parkway yesterday and glanced up mid-text to see Bob Hoskins glaring at me. He’d been to Virgin to buy a CD by the looks of things. Then a lorry driver lent out of his cab and hollered “Ere, Bob! It’s good to talk! Yuk Yuk Yuk!”. Had Bob not already been mid-scowl, I imagine he would have shot that guy a dirty look.

Had a good night out with my Former Housemate & Housemate Eddie the other night. We’d been in The Bricklayers playing darts and getting a bit tipsy before heading down to Hammersmith, and had to run for the bus.
When we jumped on, it turned out my Former Housemate didn’t have a pass and the Bus Driver refused to let him just pay for a ticket. It’s so annoying when they do that, especially as half of the bus pass dispensers don’t work anyway.
And so my Former Housemate was trying to reason with him and getting nowhere, and then, no doubt due to the brew, he uttered the words “C’mon man, don’t be a cunt."
The bus drivers eyes widened in indignation, and I think even my Former Housemate realised he’d pushed it a bit, but nonetheless the next thing he said was “Well, will you wait here while I jump off and get a pass from the machine?”
Unsuprisingly, but perhaps unreasonably, the bus driver said that no, he would not. So the three of us devised a plan whereby my Former Housemate did indeed jump off to get a ticket, whilst me and Housemate Eddie proceeded to block the doors of the bus so they couldn’t close, thereby forcing the bus to wait. The bus driver was furious, and I did feel a little sorry for him having been called a cunt and then have his plan to drive off foiled. Nonetheless, I still flicked a few Vs his way and cackled as my Former Housemate triumphantly returned, ticket held aloft.

I’m currently pounding my way through de Cervantes’ Don Quixote, in tribute to it being its 400th birthday. It’s Ok…

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