Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Quest Continues

I didn’t fuck up in the interview yesterday, but nor did I get the job.

Apparently it was "a closely fought interview", or so they say, but my "responses lacked structure". Personally, I’m always suspicious of the articulate myself – clarity of thought is an insincere characteristic to my (bitter, not to mention disorderly) mind.

But my rejection email was nestled next to an email from my current boss in my inbox, in which there is some praise (for me), a bonus (whoop!) and an offer of more work. These emails are juxtaposed very nicely, as having just read about my flaws I can now be smug about my strengths. Let’s just dwell on some of these phrases – "your work looks very comprehensive", "excellent", "journalistically sound". Ahhh... nice words dull the pain.

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