Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Oh. Hello there. You've just caught me taking a break from replying to the hundreds of cards I received yesterday. A veritable deluge no less.

Elsewhere, I've got a job interview next week. This is quite a significant event for me: since graduating in September, I reckon I've applied for over 100 jobs and this is my second interview. My first interview didn't go so well (my current job didn't have an interview, just a writing sample as part of the application) but at least I learnt some valuable lessons from it. Unfortunately it was back in early November, so I've forgotten most of them. The main disaster of that interview came within the opening seconds, during which I took my coat off and one of my suit sleeves became caught in one of the coat arms and therefore led to me, together with my coat, also taking off and turning inside-out half of my suit jacket. It was quite Frank Spencer-esque. I'm pretty sure I won't be making that mistake again.

So this interview is for a Psychology post, back at the Uni I studied Psychology Undergrad at. It's not exactly what I want to be doing and it does feel like a step backwards returning to my old Uni, but I've been trying to get into the stuff I want to do with no luck so what can I do? And the post wouldn't be based in the same building I went to Uni at, nor with staff I know. And it's really well paid (certainly compared to being unemployed or freelance/commision based reviewing) and it's a job doing stuff I know I can do well and would enjoy. But all this is a bit premature; I haven't actually got the job yet. And really should be doing some hunting now.

Guilty Whisper: But how can I with this tormenting me? A score of 120; that's all I ask for.


Katie said...

give yourself a big hug... 2 job interviews within 6 months of graduating ain't so bad my friend... and you are currently employed, so squeeze extra tight ;)
hmmm. what would the career counselor say...
practice with a friend
research the company you are going to work for, which obviously you have done
make sure to practice your hand shake, a firm grip is a must!
go out the night before and get just drunk enough to not have a hangover (wait, that's just my advice)
wake up early, exercise a bit to clear you head
show up on time, not to early, and definitely not late
and SMILE, its the first impression people get, and the one they are most like to take away.

good luck!

Matt said...

What is it about interviews... things just have to go wrong somewhere. An amusing story anyway :)

Good luck with it!