Sunday, January 02, 2005


Hullo. I took myself to the cinema last night. I first went to the cinema by myself about a year ago, when I really wanted to see a particular film but couldn’t cajole anyone into going with me and, having crept in feeling embarrassed, I discovered I rather enjoyed the experience. I think it makes sense though – cinema going in itself is not a particularly sociable pastime and I don’t think the value of spending 2 or 3 entertaining hours by oneself should be underrated. Unless you hate yourself of course. Then it could be a bit crap.

Anyhow, I went to see House of Flying Daggers, which, much like Hero, was a feast of aesthetic splendour but sadly, much like Hero, relied heavily on twists and chicanery regarding people’s identities and motives. I find it hard to be impressed by these multiple feints; they become slightly tiresome, predictable in their unpredictability, and owe too much to the director manipulating what we see and hear as opposed to any particular flourish on the part of the script. A good film nonetheless though.

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