Wednesday, January 05, 2005


So, whilst I was growing up, there was this AA man who’d stand on Hometown High Street trying to interest shoppers in getting breakdown recovery. It was considered to be one of those rights of passage as we got older: when would the AA man consider you to look old enough to try and get you to sign up? I think he first tried to stop me in the street when I was about 18. It felt like I’d finally become a man.

Anyway, he stopped being there a couple of years back, and today I saw him, the same guy, on Southampton High Street. He was working for the RAC.

I toyed with feeling betrayed, clearly he was never that serious about getting me to join the AA, but in the end took heart to know he was continuing in the job he clearly loved, and now in the deathly cool sophisticated get up of the RAC rather than the aluminous beacon gear his former employers favour.

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