Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Snot, Splutter and Tears

I think I'll start this blog off with a bit of a moan. I probably shouldn't; it doesn't make for a particularly enthralling beginning but alas I've not got much else to go on. See, I've managed to get a grotty Xmas cold flu combo which has preoccupied me no end of late. It struck during the evening of the 25th and has kept me housebound since, going from sore nasal passages and a stiff back to a temperature and a persistent throat grating cough (of the sort which chooses to be most vocal at 4am). On the positive side, being doubled over hacking away is a great workout for my tummy muscles. This morning I staggered out of bed mid coughing fit and crouched over the sink to have a good go at my respiratory difficulties, and I promptly headbutted the tap thanks to a particularly forceful expulsion. There' a bloody bruise on my forehead now. A small bloody bruise admittedly, but I know it's there.

I've taken to swamping myself with Orange Juice and cracked open the Echinacea (or Those Bloody Hippy Tablets as I've insisted on calling them since childhood - they can leave you with a horrible aftertaste which has never endeared them to me) in a bid to rid myself of this malady - too little too late probably though, prevention not cure and all that. What really got my goat was that my taste went - what a time to lose it when there's all this food going round - but after a day or so of bland tasting grub it thankfully returned. To celebrate I went downstairs to treat myself to some Yule Log, only to find my sister had long polished it off along with all the other decent Christmas nosh, leaving me with only a Tunnocks Caramel to welcome me back into the World of the Tasting. Bah.

The plus side is that I'm visiting my parents for Xmas and New Year, so I do get to be waited upon. No bother about cooking for myself or having to venture down the shops; they even have a Dishwasher so I can just focus on recovery. Subsequently I've been watching a ton of TV and I've been very disappointed by what's been on offer. I did however catch Arnie's Kindergarten Cop the other night which I hadn't seen for a good ten years or so, which brought back plenty of memories of a juvenile evening of mischief myself and a friend once indulged in , harrassing our friends thanks to this website (sound needed):

The crappy television together with me not wishing to venture outside has left me dead bored, and this coupled with the fact that, ejit that I am, I left my phone's charger at my flat (so I have to keep it switched off to save the juice, causing further isolation) together with a real dearth of emails is driving me out of my mind. There is only so much pottering from room to room in his dressing gown a man can do for four days. Furthermore, part of the fun of coming back to my folks is catching up with my old schoolmates, but apart from one rather dull night out (during which I suspect I contracted my snotty cough cough) I've not got to see anyone. Double Bah.

My cat Christopher Trevor Tecwyn has just appeared with a really nasty limp, so I'd best go investigate.

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