Wednesday, December 29, 2004

In the Beginning....

So, I have, as it were, landed. Starting a blog is perhaps something of a New Year's resolution for me. For a few years now, I've lamented the fact that I don't keep a diary or a sort of captain's log which invariably leads to the details (or complete existence) of certain events, happenings and daring do's slipping from my memory. Who said what, where'd we been, what happened when, why was I wearing that, how'd I wake up there? Hopefully this will put a stop to that. Or at least let me make a note of my version of events.

Further to this, as much as philosophy largely irritates me, I couldn't help becoming slightly noidy when I paused for thought about Greek think-it-all Socrates' dictum that "the unobserved life is not worth living". And then World Cup winner Socrates weighed in with his view that "writing on my blog provides such a thrill, I much prefer it to scoring for Brazil", and that was that; I was decided.

So I'll endeavour to keep a note of my goings on and more erudite musings here, and we'll see how it goes.

Observation:'s spellcheck doesn't know the word 'blog'. So there you go.

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